Home Maintenance
Every home needs maintenance and repairs from time to time. It can especially be difficult to manage rental property, when you have renters that do not respect the home. We can fix just about anything around the home, from holes in walls to water damage. 
If you are ready to update your old bathroom or kitchen, we can do that too. Plastic tub surrounds can get scratches or cracks, and sometimes it's just best to replace them. Tile holds up better in a bathroom, and we have lots of experience with tile! 
What ever you need done, Pennington Home Services would be happy to help! 
We understand that a good paint job starts with good preparation. In order to get your home ready for paint, we first powerwash the house to get rid of any dirt or loose paint. If there is a lot of peeling paint, we will even scrape it or sand it off. Sometimes, trim boards need replaced, or other boards have rotted. We will get new boards put on where needed. Then, we use painter's caulk to fill any holes, make sure any bare wood is primed, and mask where needed.
We have a professional quality paint sprayer and all the ladders and equipment we need to get paint where it needs to go! We use only top quality paint, so you get a beautiful job that will last for years. Pennington Home Services guarantees the paint job for the life of the paint. Contact us today for a free extimate!